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Guidelines were issued for Cotton Farmers

Farmer’s advisory committee (FAC) issued guidelines for cotton farmers applicable till Apr 15. FAC experts advised farmers to get their soil analyzed by a soil testing laboratory for the balanced and need-based application of fertilizers to cut costs. FAC experts advised farmers to sow only registered varieties of seed. Approved and registered BT varieties of CCRI Multan including CIM-663, CIM-632, CIM-602, CIM-600, CIM-177, CIM-178, and CIM-179 and CCRI Sakrand varieties including CR1S-129, CR1S-510, CR1S-585, CR1S-543 and CR1S-613 besides those developed by private seed companies can be used for sowing. Farmers, were, however, also advised to select varieties in accordance with local soil structure and weather conditions. Farmers should cover ten (10) percent of their total cotton sown area with traditional cotton varieties so that pests do not develop resistance against safeguards incorporated in BT varieties.


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