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Harvesting Of Tomato Crop

Harvesting will continue for about one month, depending on climate, diseases and the cultivar planted.

Tomato can be classified in four stages of maturity:Seed are white in color (immature) and can be cut when the tomato is sliced. There is no juice inside the tomato,Seeds have a tan color (mature) and some juice present,Seeds are pushed aside when cut. The color inside is still green,Juice becomes red in color.Tomatoes that are harvested at the first stage of maturity will ripen into poor-quality tomatoes. Tomatoes harvested at third and fourth stages of maturity will ripen into good-quality tomatoes. It is also good to look carefully at how ripe the tomatoes are. How ripe a tomato is when it is harvested affects the fruit composition and tomato quality. Tomatoes accumulate acids, sugars and ascorbic acid when they ripen on the plant. Field-ripened tomatoes have a better flavor and overall quality than tomatoes that ripen after picking. Hence it is important to understand ripeness stages.


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