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Lahore: Supreme Court has taken strict action on Substandard milk

Supreme Court has lifted all bans from Punjab Food Authority ant taken strict action on supply of substandard milk. Director General Noor ul Amin has been ordered to visit whole province and examine the milk quality. Justice Nisar Saqib said hazardous milk should be come to an end. Chief Justice of Pakistan with two members bench addressing the sou moto action on supply of bad milk. The applicant barrister Zaffar has told the honorable court that both unpacked and tetra packed milk has been tested in PCSIR lab and results revealed detergent and other poisonous chemicals.

Supreme court strongly ordered that we cannot feed our children on poisonous milk. Furthermore, he said this case matter must be reach to its end and the culprits. He also said if we can not provide hygienic food to our children we can not perform. DG Food Authority Punjab Noor ul Amin maingal has told the honorable court that companies are being identified who are selling hazardous milk and being banned. 300 samples of water and 30 samples of milk has been collected. In reply to this argument court said we are well aware of Food Authority Lab where there is nothing apart from a scale and couple of other things. Court showed there reservations over PFA workings.

Judges addressed to lawyers pleading milk seller companies and requested not to kill innocent people by supplying poisonous milk. Court will not allow children to drink unhealthy milk. Court ordered to make available milk and water test results on next hearing.

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