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Moderate and dry season is suitable for the onion production, Agricultural Experts

Onion grows under a wide range of climatic conditions but moderate and dry weather is suitable for obtaining higher production of onion. Farmers are instructed to complete sowing of onion nursery during November, so that the seedlings are ready for transplanting in December and January. For producing seedlings for one acre land 3 kg seed and 4-5 Marla land is required. They said for raising seedlings land should be properly levelled and small seedbeds should be prepared. Lines at a distance of one inch should be made and seeds should be sown in those lines. After that seeds must be covered with rotten leaves. Grass or any other materials should be added to cover and mulch the seeds. Light irrigation must be applied in such a way that water does not stand and moisture level is maintained.

Moreover, they said that to earn profit from onion production, onion nursery should be raised during the second week of November and 4 kg seed should be used for 10 Marla land. Ploughing should be done before the cultivation. After ploughing, cultivator should be used twice and land should be left as such. Two months before cultivation farmyard manure at the rate of 10-12 tonnes per acre should be given. In addition to that 20 kg Urea should be applied and light water should be given. They said farmers should transfer the seedlings when there is enough moisture in the soil, otherwise damage will occur to the succulent roots. Onion seedlings need a healthy and loose soil.

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