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Mushroom farming can be lucrative business for women.

Mushroom cultivation through modern method of farming can serve as a potential source of livelihood especially for unemployed youth and womenfolk besides promoting nutritious food consumption among people. Mushroom production through farming is an easy procedure for obtaining this nutritious food. It also serve as cottage industry as people can do farming in their homes on low scale.

Mushroom cultivation is highly profitable business. It does not require land and can be grown as a part time activity. In mushroom farming, the fungal is cultivated in plastic bags and through hanging in a wood or iron stand more bags can be utilized in limited place. Each bag is filled with husk of wheat and mushroom seed is buried in it. After giving water and maintaining room temperature, mushroom starts to grow flushes after few days which is regenerated after cutting several times.

In mushroom farming, the most popular type of mushrooms are grown including oyster mushroom, both white and golden, button mushroom and milky mushroom. The oyster mushroom is most suitable to Pakistan’s climate and can be grown round the year, except for four months of sever heat including May, June, July and August.

In summer season, milky mushroom can also be grown with care and in this season. From September’s end, when the weather starts changing, growing restarts and continue till late April. Button mushroom can also be grown in hilly areas of Pakistan as it requires cold temperature. In areas of tropical season, button mushroom can also be grown through installation of air conditions, but it will increase cost of production.


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