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Orchards of guava spreading over vast fields of Kohat are in danger.

<p>Guavas from Kohat are very popular in their delicious taste and fragrance but unfortunately are in danger now a days. Guava from Kohat has huge demand for his beautiful taste all over the country also it has huge chunk in total production of Guava in the country. In Kohat guava fields are spread over 2300 acres land from where they being supplied not only to KPK, FATA but also to the other parts of the country.</p>

<p>Now a days guava farmers are stuck with different problems related to guava production. They told media that in Guava Government is not much interested therefore research institutes are not working on new plants or innovative seed varieties which can give resistant kinds and better fruit production.</p>

<p>Farmers said, by applying efficient and effective pesticides for pests and diseases also timely use of water and fertilizers can increase the life of guava plant. Guava fields need attention from both farmers and agriculture department. Agricultural expert says that in order to increase the Guava’s production we need to take urgent measures otherwise with the passage of time Kohat will loose its delicacy, the sweetened and delicious Guavas.</p>

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