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Pakistani Mango Exports will commence from 20th May, 2017

Pakistani mangoes will start reaching international markets from 20th May 2017. Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Exporters Importers Merchants Association has set target of 100 thousand tons for mango during current season while in the last season same target been laid which was achieved successfully by 128 thousand tons jacking up foreign exchange by 68million dollars.

In current season, climate change in Punjab has adversely affected mango production resulting carefully placed target of 100 thousand tons this time. In mango growing areas of Punjab winter, thunderstorm and cold temperature lasted longer fearing loss of 600 thousand tons out of total production of 1800 thousand tons. Punjab contributes almost 67% of total production of mango in Pakistan. Due to extreme cold weather almost 50% of crop was damaged, however actual figures will come when Punjab’s mango will hit the market. Sources said Pakistan exports mango to 50 countries in the outer world although currently extra focusing on China, America and South Korea. With the help of extensive marketing and advertisement China could be appeared as the biggest market for Pakistani mango. During this season mango will be exported at 650 dollars per ton while previously it was 680 to 700 dollar per ton. Merchants association also showed their reservation about freight charges of country’s air lines. They compared India where they charge 1.26 dollar per kg from Mumbai to London while in Pakistan it is 1.70 dollar per kg from Karachi to London. By regulating these prices Pakistan mango can compete other mangoes more effectively in international markets.

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