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Pests of sunflower and their control

Sunflower is considered one of the main crops for producing edible oil. Sunflower’s edible oil can play significant role in increasing the domestic production of oil because its seed contain about 40 percent oil. Its duration is about 90 to 110 days and due to a low-term crop it can be cultivated in the middle of large crops. Following insects can cause damage to the sunflower crop that decreases the production. The insects included are aphids, jasids, white fly. bollworm, army worm and mealy bug.

With harmful insects many other crop friendly insects are also present that includes pirate bug, chrysoperla, lady bird beetle, trichogramma, hover fly, rove beetle, spider, syrphid fly and braconhepator. Therefore, the spray against the harmful insects depends on the number of crop friendly insects present in the field. Additionally, poisonous sprays should be avoided at the time of pollination. If spray is needed against insects, appropriate poison should be selected by consulting the local agriculture department.

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