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Plan to protect the farmers from financial instability

Department of agriculture ministry Karachi Sindh is going to introduce a scheme to promote agricultural business according to the latest requirements in the province of Sindh, which will not only provide opportunities to small farmers for modern agricultural business, but also provide pure agricultural products without hazardous effects of fertilizer for the people living in cities including Karachi.

Through this project starting soon as the name of Sindh Benazir Hari program, through this program vermi compost farming will be enhanced, which will increase the use of natural fertilizer instead of  using of chemical fertilizer in agricultural land. This will not only protect human-used agricultural lands from the adverse effects of chemical fertilizer, but also the underground water can be protected from chemical effects.

Through this project, citizens can also get pure herbal or plant products in large quantities, including aloe vera paste, grapes vinegar, squash juice, cucumber juice and other herbal products.

Agriculture department has planned to launch the project and this program will be started soon, initially the project will be started in two districts of the province and later it will be introduced in other districts. 50 crores will be spent on this project in 2 years.

On the one hand, a farm-based domestic industry will be promoted to the villages of the province; on the other hand, pure agricultural products will be able to provide to people living in cities, solar energy based cold storage will be made for farmers in this project.

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