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Recommendations for spinach cultivation

Agriculture experts said that Desi spinach is the approved variety for cultivation whose leaves are thick, broad, soft and juicy. Its average production is about 35 tonn per hestare and this variety is also resistant to diseases. In irrigated areas spinach sown in july, august gives approximately 7 cuttings. For sowing with drill its seed rate should be 15 to 20kg per acre. Imidacloprid or topsin- M of about 2 mg per 1 kg seed must be applied to seeds before sowing.

They said fertile soil in which water drainage is better is good for the cultivation of spinach. Before sowing level tha land and add 12 to 15 tonns of farm yard manure per acre to the soil and plough the land two times. After ploughing irrigate the field. For spinach cultivation, leveled land is necessary.

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