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Special Care For Cattle During Smog, Severe Weather Conditions Urged

Livestock Department urged upon the cattle owners to take special care of their animals from severe weather conditions and smog.
Cattle are precious asset of the farmers and any negligence in animal’s care can cause losses to farmers.
This was stated by Deputy Director Livestock (jalapur pirwala) Dr Jamshaid Akhtar while talking to farmers during a session related to “Farmers Day”. He suggested farmers to construct sheds to keep animals away from extreme winter. The animals should be given fresh water instead of stagnant water. The improper care can put lives of animals in danger, he noted.
The pregnant and lactating animals should be given 100 grams of “Gurr” per day, he suggested. Both, the feed and animals should be exposed to direct sunlight as sun bath is vital for maintaining health.
The animals should be feeded, dried and green, mixed fodder. Wanda and mineral should also be given as these provide immunity to animals.
Usually, during November and December, the animals fell prey to some diseases including flu, fever chest infection etc. He advised farmers to vaccinate their animals against different diseases as per schedule.


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