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The number of cows in Pakistan reached 3 crore and 85 lac.

The livestock sector has emerged as a leading sub-sector of the agriculture sector in Pakistan. According to Pakistan Livestock Census, the number of cows in Pakistan reached 3 crore 85 lac, buffalo 3 crore 40 lac, sheep 2 crore 90 lac, goat 6 crore 50 lac and camels 10 lac. The production of milk has reached 49912 thousand tonnes, beef meat 1832 and mutton 647 thousand tonnes, chicken meat 910 thousand tonnes. It can be further increased by using modern technology for raising livestock.

Experts of Livestock and Diary Development said that currently the share of livestock sector in country’s production is about 12 percent and aggregate share in agriculture production is about 55 percent. They said that around 4 crore rural population is linked to livestock sector and earns 35 to 40 percent of its income from meat and milk business.

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