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Through modern farming 60 mound per acre wheat can be obtained, Agriculture Experts

Agriculture Experts said that the use of potash is very helpful in increasing the weight of wheat seed. It helps protect crops from diseases and prevents the crop from falling during later growth stages. Moreover through modern farming techniques we can get wheat production up to 60 mound per acre. Wheat cultivation should be done through drill method. In order to ensure bumper crop from wheat the use of potash and modern methods should be employed.

They said that if the seeds are sown according to the recommended rate and timing, then higher production can be obtained. Seeds should be treated properly before cultivation and weeds should be properly managed at appropriate time. In this way yield can be enhanced. According to the principles of plant protection broad leafed weeds such as common goosefoot, field bindweed etc. should be controlled and spray must be done when there is enough moisture in the field. To control narrow leafed weeds such as wild oat, birds seed grass etc. sprayed should be also done after second irrigation. They said that in order to increase the production, the use of modern technology and full implementation of the expert’s recommendations is necessary.

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