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AJK female growers training, in collaboration with USAID and WWO

Women have been a critical part of agriculture and are major contributors in all farm related activities in general and crop processing in particular. They contribute in the entire operations interrelated to crop production such as sowing, irrigation, plant protection, weeding, storage, transplanting, and harvesting. Women who are often a vital resource in agriculture and the rural economy, face constraints that reduce their productivity. So their issues need to be addressed on priority basis.

Jazz Bakhabar Kissan in collaboration with USAID and WWO conducted training session for women and aimed to encourage women to effectively grow vegetables and to develop proficiency in vegetable cultivation. Women were provided with training on kitchen gardening. The training module included nutrition and sustainable gardening practices such as field preparation, low cost organic fertilizer preparation and post-harvest care of vegetables.

They have been trained and successfully achieved quality production. Jazz Bakhabar Kissan via its platform “Farm to Home” will be supporting female growers of AJK including orphans and widows to sustain their livelihood by directly buying their produce. Jazz Bakhabar Kissan is striving for the development of farmers and is providing agriculture information to farmers across country through their diverse channels.


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