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Vegetable production increased by 30% through Bio celery.

Expense of Chemical fertilizers will minimize up to 50 percent by bio-celery. Using high quality organic fertilizer “bio-celery” from bio-gas plant, crop production and vegetable production will increase up to 30 percent and expense of chemical fertilizers will save up to 50 percent. Bio-celery is a mixture of water and farm yard manure that is form through bio gas after passes through the plant. Experiments have shown that 25 cubic meters of bio-gas plant yields 980 kg of bio-celery per year, with 76 kg of nitrogen, 96kg phosphorus, 107 kg potassium, 37 kg of iron, 5 kilograms of magnesium, 1437 kilograms of zinc and 469 kg copper besides other ingredients are found in lesser amounts.

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