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Vertical Farming: Feeding the Future

Despite being country with an abundance of agricultural land and the perfect weather for crop harvestation and being one of the largest exporters of crops such as wheat, cotton and rice, there are many advantages of utilizing vertical farming methods in Pakistan. It can be a very water efficient method by making use of hydroponics o which makes it 40% to 70% more water efficient than conventional methods of agriculture.

This method helps eliminate any weather related problems, such as heavy winds, rainfall or floods, because the crops will be grown under a closed and controlled environment. Other than that crops can be protected from insects as well as animals such as rats and birds.

This method may be energy efficient as well, since crops can be grown in buildings within the city districts which helps in reducing the cost of transportation and preservation from distant farmlands. If a certain portion of a structure within city central district is specifically dedicated to this cause, it may help in achieving the green building objectives of cities; also help in circulating oxygen flow throughout the building keeping the occupants of the building in a healthy state.


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