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Weeds can reduce maize production up to 45%

Weeds are serious competitors in taking up nutrients relative to crop plants. Weeds can reduce maize production by up to 45%. While ensuring timely eradication of broadleaf weeds such as horse purslane, common goosefoot, broadleaf dock, field bindweed, slender amaranth, Bur clover, sweet clover, swinecress and narrow leaved weeds such as purple nutsedge, bermuda grass, jungle rice grass, egyptian grass, winter grass, should be timely eradicated and no negligence should be shown in the removal of weeds from the side areas of field and seedbeds.
Farmers should keep the seasonal maize crop completely free from weeds for 40 to 45 days after germination, so that per acre better yield of maize can be achieved. If weeds are not eradicated timely they compete with the crop for light, nutrients and water.
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